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    Canada is a place where many foreign nationals make their dream career possible with a work permit. Work permit makes you eligible to work in Canada under a specific (i.e., Job Specific) or any employer (i.e., Open Work Permit). The job-specific work permit exempts you from compliance fees under your application. With Open Work Permit, you can work with multiple employers and in any field. For most foreign nationals, a work permit is mandatory as it gives you government approval for working in Canada.

    Work permit has certain requirements depending upon the location and the work type you are interested in working. The Canadian VISA officer figures out the work permit duration for you, which is between 1 and 2 years. The time of a job-specific work permit differs from employer to employer and can also go more than two years. Like other stay options, the work permit also requires renewal before the expiry.

    Eligibility for a work permit in Canada

    For workers outside Canada, the following are required:

    For workers living in Canada, you must also meet some or all of the following:

    Navyug immigration is specialized in helping you to get a strong work permit. We also assist in application processing or renewing a work permit to aid you in living or working in Canada.

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