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Super Visa

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    A super VISA permits grandparents or parents of citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada to visit them in Canada temporarily. The super VISA holders get the permit for ten years.

    The said VISA allows the older generation to stay with their loved ones for an extended period of up to six months without extension. However, these VISA holders can reside in Canada for two consecutive years after the extension application. The VISA holders cannot work in Canada, but they can visit Canada multiple times during these ten years.

    Navyug Immigration can help you throughout the process, from drafting your study permit application to finding the right institution. Navyug immigration is a team of legal consultants that handle immigration support and VISA assistance for international students. We can show you the right path to get you a flexible study VISA which can allow you to do the following tasks as a student.  


    If you require help and want a smoother process to get a super VISA, feel free to contact us.

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