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Visitor Visa

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    Canada welcomes over 20 million people from different countries. Tourism, business, employment options, and higher studies are the major reason behind this great influx. Canada is recognized for premium urban travel, discovering nature and the wild.

    You can be the one if you plan to go for the right visitor VISA. The visitor VISA allows you to stay in Canada for a long period of 6 months. Canada offers a range of VISA for this purpose; you need to choose the best one for you. Navyug Immigration helps you choose the right one that matches your needs.

    Receiving a visitor VISA demands the following requirements:

    The visitor VISA requires Temporary Permanent Residence status, which comes with the following demands:

    You need to mention that you will be leaving Canada once you have visited for a specified duration. We are here to serve you in your VISA seeking process. Just contact us to answer your queries at Navyug Immigration. We can guide you from application submission to work on your application and go through your interview. Let’s beat the process with confidence with precious advice from our consultants.

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