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    If you are planning to stay lifelong in Canada, the most secure option is to go for full Citizenship. Canadian Citizenship dates its recognition back in 1947 by the Canadian Citizenship Act. It has seen many amendments. The present law considers both native and foreign citizens entitled to duties and rights. Children with birth outside Canada can also obtain Canadian Citizen Certificate by proving themselves as Canadian citizen via an application.

    Canada warmly welcomes new citizens, but people end up with rejected Citizenship. It all results from incomplete documents, a weak application, and other requirements that they neglect to consider. An immigration consultant will make your way and standing stronger. They help you draft a strong application and saves your time and money. Whether you have permanent residence or have VISA, we are here to guide you to securing Canadian Citizenship.

    Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship?

    If you need further assistance or personal help, we are here to guide you for a more streamlined process. We help you get smoothly through every requirement. We write a string application for you to save your application charges.

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