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PR Renewal

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    Staying in Canada for a lifelong time first requires a permit for Permanent Residency. Seeking a Permanent Residency will make you eligible for Citizenship. A PR makes you free from applying for a regular VISA and makes you eligible for Citizenship after 3 to 5 years. A permanent resident is free to work and live anywhere in Canada. Canadian government takes the responsibility to keep PR holders safe and stable. The PR card serves as an identity card and easily makes you travel to other countries.

    The PR card makes you eligible for the rights and responsibilities of PR holders for five years. The card is updated after every five years with your updated information. However, your PR status does not expire with the expired PR card, but you need to keep the card updated. Even if a person fails to remain eligible for PR renewal, his status remains until the government’s decision.

    You need to apply for a PR card before expiry under the following:

    Our immigration consultants are here to figure out your problems with the PR renewal process. We are dedicated to solving your problems; contact us to receive advice from our experts.

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