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Business Visa

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    Canada keeps looking for new business enthusiasts to boost its economy. The Canadian government approves a sufficient number of VISAs every year to welcome new businesses. Creating, establishing, and maintaining a new business and network requires an extended stay in Canada. The business VISA allows you to stay in Canada. The person with a business VISA is not permitted to work for any Canadian company, but rather he is only eligible for discussing business and signing potential agreements.

    Eligibility Requirements

    The VISA time varies depending on the workload of the Canadian embassy. Usually, it takes at most six weeks. The VISA is only valid for six months, i.e., the time mentioned in your application. A business VISA does not allow you to bring your business partners or family with you. If you want to come with them, you must go under a Canada visitor’s VISA.


    Applying for a business could be tedious. You need to show your qualification, represent yourself, and explain your future business objectives for working in Canadian companies. We are here to assist you. We help you get a business VISA more smoothly and quickly. Our immigration consultants will guide you in the process.

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