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    Canada provides countless opportunities for international careers due to its stable economy. A new VISA entry was introduced for certain economic programs with full electronic foundations in 2015. The Express Entry facilitates the skilled worker to accelerate the permanent residency procedure.

    International professionals interested in becoming Canadian professionals need to follow a few steps. They submit an online application for the express entry profile. The ranking algorithm shortlists people with unique experience, values, and skills to become a part of the Canadian workforce.

    Qualification requirements and procedure for express Entry

    If you are a professional with unbeatable experience in your field or possess a unique skill set, this express Entry suits you. For initial requirements, you need to be from the following economic programs:

    The express Entry significantly reduces the VISA application approval time and also exempts other procedures involved in traditional VISA processing. Your ranking and assessment will be done on the following:

    1. French or English Language Proficiency
    2. Education
    3. Your exceptional work experience
    4. Your unique skillset
    5. Other factors that will help you stand out in your field

    If you get an invitation for Express Entry, you have to submit the following documents:

    Once your documents are verified, you will get an invitation to apply for permanent residency In Canada. Express Entry requires at most half-year for application processing. You are just two months away from getting permanent residence after you are selected and received an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

    Only unbeatable top-rated profiles are eligible for invitation to permanent residency in Canada. If you see yourself as a good fit for express Entry, contact our immigration consultancy now. We will visit your skills and then help you draft an application that will show your exceptional abilities. We ensure that you compete on the Express Entry requirements.

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